How to Make Bathing Less Stressful for Your Dog

Every dog owner knows the challenge of bathing their respective dogs. After sitting down with a friend of mine over some lunch, she asked me a rather interesting question. “What could possibly be harder than bathing your dog?” she said across the table. I pondered and took a moment to respond. “Bathing my dogs,” I said proudly. Similarly to cats, canines also tend to perceive bath time as a form of torture. It is crucial to bath dogs as it affects the health of their coat and skin. Parasites, microorganisms as well as dirt gets removed from their fur after a bath.

A puppy for sale Singapore citizens gets excited for can turn into a nightmare when it comes time to clean their furry friends. To adopt a dog Singapore animal right organizations encourage dog owners to bathe their dogs weekly if they have an oily coat and monthly if they do not. A tip to make dogs less fearful of taking baths is to get them warmed up before one. Taking dogs on a long walk has been shown to lower their anxiety levels, making them look forward to coming in contact with relatively cooler water during a bath.

Smaller breeds such as a poodle Singapore  is fond of may present with a larger challenge as smaller breeds are more active and jumpy.

For a litter of puppies, talking in a calm and steady tone is advised to get them in the right mood for a bath. Furthermore, it is advised that dog owners move slowly when brushing the coat of their dogs to improve the dog-owner bond. A relaxed pace will help your dogs feel comforted as if it was a head-to-toe massage. It is also recommended to run your fingers down the shoulders, spine, legs, and paws of your dogs to help them fully relax and shift the calming energy through their whole body.