The self-driving car is a revolutionary innovative step towards making the streets greener and prevents accidents from happening more often. It has become a more reliable way for transportation, making the future of driverless cars better for both safety and the environment. While people are not very keen on accepting self-driving cars yet, there is evidence that supports the benefits of these cars. Here are some of them:

Safer Roads

Self-driving cars have been engineered to be constantly aware of its surroundings such as other cars, pedestrians, and buildings. If you think that a computer driving a car is a stupid idea, think about the number of accidents caused by human errors such as speeding, reckless driving, or lack of attentiveness. An overwhelming number of accidents are caused by people. As self-driving cars have no emotions and distractions involved, they are able to deliver their passengers safely and efficiently, thus lowering the risk of accidents altogether.

Cost Saving

Car maintenance can be expensive. The average amount of money spent on car maintenance for accident damages in the United States came close to $9,000 according to the AAA reports. While there are also unavoidable costs such as licensing and registration, you’ll also need to get yourself a car warranty to cover yourself along the way. You can get a free quote for the  Liberty Automotive Protection & Warranty  to get yourself protected even when in a self-driving car.


Environmental Friendly

Based on a research conducted by the Union of Concerned Scientists, vehicles are responsible for releasing up to half of the harmful air pollutants such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide into the atmosphere. While self-driving cars may still release the same harmful pollutants, it has been engineered to improve its efficiency in reducing the use of these materials, thus further reducing the pollution in the ar.

If you have been sending your applications as well as resumes to different companies, you should be prepared to go through a drug test. Yes, the government is permitting employers to have their employees or chosen applicants to go through this procedure provided they already informed them about this.
But you should know though that there are states where they only allow employers to have the applicants undergo a drug test if they are already shortlisted. So you should check your state’s laws regarding this.
Aside from familiarizing if the companies have the right to demand a drug test, you should also be ready for a backup plan in case you are called for the said test and you know you might fail. The thing is, most companies will just give you a call out of the blue and sometimes, it will happen at the most unexpected moment.
It would be good if you will already know the process used. But what if you will not be informed as well knowing there are now so many applicants who fake drug tests! What can you do? The best thing to deal with situations like these is to be ready in at least two most popular means:
 The urine test
 The hair test
Yes, these two drug tests are the most used processes usually used by companies. It is also a good thing that can offer solutions for any of this two. You can have the Quick fix 6.2 and the macujo method on To learn more about this, you can check out the site mentioned.
You see, there are really times when you have to take the back door or you can’t get to your destination. Just be sure though you have learned something in the process.

We all know about Photoshop, but are exposed enough to the free services available online that could easily put Photoshop back to the professionals and give a no-experience user a chance to edit their photos without having to go through a lengthy process to learn how to blend out a mark so that the photo doesn’t look edited in the first place. A quick google search for an online photo enhancer will show you so many results. But, here are a few types of online photo enhancers to get you started.


  1. One Click Uploads

These sites would only require you to upload a photo (or multiple photos at once). All you have to do next is to sit back and wait as the website begin working their magic to enhance your photos to their maximum beauty. Often after the enhancement is complete, users will then be able to further edit their photos with a given set of tools and filters according to their liking.

  1. Brush and Tools Sets

If you’ve meddled around with Adobe software before, then you’ll surely be familiar with the mechanics and the user interface of these sites. Online photo enhancer makeup such as Fotor or Lunapic lay out their tools just like Photoshop does, except the editing tools are not as complex as you would normally find. While it might take awhile to get used to what each tool does, you’ll be rewarded with more control to how you want your photos to be edited.

  1. Hire an Online Freelancer

When you just can’t be bothered to try out editing yourself or the results just don’t fancy up to your liking, there are tons of freelancers online who have technical skills in photo editing. Depending on their fees, you’ll someone who will completely understand what type edits you want.

If you are planning to buy one of the top sewing machines but are quite hesitating because of the price, you might end up buying after checking this article out. Yes, this is indeed pricey and no one can deny that but in time, it will just pay up by itself.

Cool reasons to get one of the top sewing machines:

Dresses are quite expensive right now and if you have 4 kids, you end up spending a lot of money to clothe them. You don’t need to buy a new one for each of them though with your own sewing device. You can just repair or customize the old ones so they will look trendy and wearable again.

You can make personalized gifts to friends and relatives. It will even be cheaper this way as you are not paying for the labor. At the same time, the gifts will be more appreciated since they can’t get the same items from the market.

Your creativity will be honed this way. For sure you have seen a lot of things on the market you cannot afford. Instead of longing for them, you can try to make similar styles. Whether they maybe clothing or linens, for sure you can do them if you will just put your mind to it.

You can save a lot of money. This is so true! Instead of having another seamstress do some of the torn clothing of your family or hire someone to make sofa covers and so on, you can just do them! You will not only feel good about the whole thing, you can even have big savings!

So don’t hesitate in getting one of the top sewing machines as trust me, it will all be worth it!

Deloitte, an international company specialized in providing auditing, tax, consulting and advisory services is under fire following the recent Steinhoff scandal. In the light of the events faced by Steinhoff International, the South African accounting watchdogs and the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA) have launched efforts for investigating Deloitte’s audit in regards to the scandal. A share price collapse, brought on by the disclosed details regarding accounting irregularities has caused a loss in the value of many pension holders globally. The investigation will extend to audit work performed by the South African branch of Deloitte conducted between 2014 and 2016. The timing, however, will be dependant on the evidence presented when all associated parties involved in the irregularities have been articulated.

As mentioned earlier, the scandal has caused detrimental losses for government works living off pension funds invested in Steinhoff International. The Steinhoff news can be said to have alarmed many who have invested their funds in the international corporation. However, a statement from the Finance Minister, Malusi Gigaba, has been released to assure them that investigative measures have been put into action. In addition to this, he has also assured that procedures have been put in place to reduce the scandals’ impact on investments and jobs of citizens, with a priority to pensioners.

In addition to this, the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) has also commenced their efforts in looking into the Deloitte for its’ involvement in auditing the retail giant. Amid embattled times for Steinhoff International, AFM will place their attention on the source of the suspected corruption on both local and international frontiers.

   As a closing remark, the public will only regain their assurance after a thorough and detailed report of the investigation is issued and published. The reclaiming of confidence in investors will be a challenge for both Steinhoff International and Deloitte in the coming years.

Biking has been a popular sport to get involved in a healthier lifestyle, while also have a lot of fun down the road. Though sometimes, biking even at a short distance can cause pain and discomfort that is usually targeted at the neck and back. New riders usually experience this as they learn how to adjust to the sport. Even though there are some parts of discomfort that is inevitable, there are still ways to make bike riding enjoyable with a few simple arrangements.
The first step you’d want to do is to check your bike saddle. You can check by sitting on your bike while it is locked and secured in place to check if there is any movement or tilt of your seat. If you find yourself needing to be dependent on pushing or pulling on the handlebars more than usual, or if you are not centered on the saddle as you ride, this will cause stress to your upper body.
Secondly, if you are constantly needed to carry extra things while you ride, prevent from wearing a cross-body bad such as a messenger bag. These will put an uneven strain on your shoulders. Wearing backpacks will evenly distribute the weight and reduce neck pain.
Also, remember to stretch out your muscles when you can. Your neck and back muscles often go stiff as your head holds out so much weight from constantly getting held out to stay focus on the road. Standing up straight after a bike session greatly improves posture and reduces neck pain. Keep in mind that newbies get aches and pains more often, just like any first timer trying out a sport.
Most importantly, get yourself a bike that fits you. Going on helps riders who are looking for quality road bikes that suit their needs for going on longer rides.

There are really times when no matter how you try to be careful but you still end up being involved in an accident. And if the accident is caused by a truck, the odds are really against you as for whether you are in a car or on a motorcycle or just walking, there is a good chance you will be injured heavily. In fact, accidents like this can even kill a victim. There have been a number of reported incidents where a truck plowed a number of smaller vehicles in which there are casualties.

When this is the situation, the victim can get compensations, not only from the driver of the truck that causes the accident, but also from the employer. However, this is not something that is easy to deal with unless the driver will take the initiative and the employer is more humane and will take his responsibility at heart. However, if that is not the case, then you must hire a truck accident lawyer from law firm kuala  lumpur to help you get what you deserve.

Before hiring a truck accident lawyer though, it would be best to check out some pointers below first:

  • You should check on the lawyer malaysia you are about to hire meticulously. You certainly need someone who can assure you get what you deserve and only a lawyer with great skills can do this.
  • You should focus on the amount of experience your lawyer has. It would be best if he has experiences with exactly the same situation or at least close to it.
  • Then receptiveness is also another matter or trait the lawyer must possess. You can tell this is so if he has your best interest at heart. He must also return your calls every time you miss him as for sure, he will understand you call him for a good reason.

Hiring the right lawyer from law firms in KL to assist you when involved in a serious truck accident is definitely crucial. If you don’t want to have to deal your mounting hospital bills, then hire a lawyer first.

Picking the Right Website Designer Is Imperative


Yes, what the title says is a hundred percent true! Picking the right website designer is indeed very important especially that most of the time; the main reason for creating a website is to advertise something. It could be your products and services or it could be an offline business.

An online web design Malaysia domain is your link to the global consumers since the moment it will go online; it can be accessed all over the globe. In fact, this is why almost all businessmen have their own online domain even if they also advertise their businesses in more expensive mediums like on TV and many others. They know most people nowadays are in front of their computers or mobile gadgets than in their television sets.

However, a digital Malaysia web design platform is not really new thus endless competitors are most likely. So for it to be noticed, it has to be unique in any way. But in what way can it become unique as even with your offered products and services, I am pretty sure there are also other businesses that are providing the same things?

This is where the need for the services of a web designer becomes imperative. Finding one might be a no-brainer but finding one that is skilled and can deliver beyond your expectation is a totally different story. You have to be really meticulous in doing a background check if you want to be assured of the end-result.

Your web design Malaysia digital hub is your online presence. How it is designed is how your customers will perceive you. Thus if it is designed professionally, you will be assumed as such as well. A professional web design company should be able to help you in this matter. Seek out for one now!

Take a look at some of the health advice that you see online, such as on health boards. A lot of them would recommend that you fix your diet if you want to lead a healthier lifestyle. And if that is your goal, then here are some foods to shop for.


Beets are one of the best sources of betaine and folic acid, the nutrients that reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It’s a healthy food that you cannot ignore when you shop, despite the aversion you may have had for them since your early childhood. If you have got any growing kids, then feeding them more beets may be good for the health for teens. This is because it can help developing bodies grow much faster.


This healthy food contains large amounts of chlorogenic acids, antioxidants that effectively protect against cancerous tumours. It may taste really sour, but it will definitely be good for your health if you consume more prunes as part of your diet.


Guava has a higher concentration of lycopene antioxidants that can reduce the risk of cancer, even more so than tomatoes and watermelons that are also considered healthy fruits and vegetables. A lot of posters on teen health boards would recommend that you eat more of this fruit if you want to treat skin issues such as dermatitis as well.


This vegetable contains lutein and other important nutrients. These are carotenoids that help repel macular degeneration, a major cause of blindness in the elderly. In addition, studies show that this green fountain of youth could reverse some signs of aging.

What foods should you avoid?

Frozen meals

There is a lot of frozen food in the supermarket that gives us a fast, delicious and healthy alternative. However, most frozen and/or refrigerated foods are usually high in sodium, fat, and other compounds that are not very good for your health.


Do not take light soft drinks because they can contain a lot of sugar. You should already know that soft drinks are full of sugar, caffeine, artificial flavors and many other health-damaging things, make us gain weight and can cause many long-term illnesses.