Should you get a self-driving car?

The self-driving car is a revolutionary innovative step towards making the streets greener and prevents accidents from happening more often. It has become a more reliable way for transportation, making the future of driverless cars better for both safety and the environment. While people are not very keen on accepting self-driving cars yet, there is evidence that supports the benefits of these cars. Here are some of them:

Safer Roads

Self-driving cars have been engineered to be constantly aware of its surroundings such as other cars, pedestrians, and buildings. If you think that a computer driving a car is a stupid idea, think about the number of accidents caused by human errors such as speeding, reckless driving, or lack of attentiveness. An overwhelming number of accidents are caused by people. As self-driving cars have no emotions and distractions involved, they are able to deliver their passengers safely and efficiently, thus lowering the risk of accidents altogether.

Cost Saving

Car maintenance can be expensive. The average amount of money spent on car maintenance for accident damages in the United States came close to $9,000 according to the AAA reports. While there are also unavoidable costs such as licensing and registration, you’ll also need to get yourself a car warranty to cover yourself along the way. You can get a free quote for the  Liberty Automotive Protection & Warranty  to get yourself protected even when in a self-driving car.


Environmental Friendly

Based on a research conducted by the Union of Concerned Scientists, vehicles are responsible for releasing up to half of the harmful air pollutants such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide into the atmosphere. While self-driving cars may still release the same harmful pollutants, it has been engineered to improve its efficiency in reducing the use of these materials, thus further reducing the pollution in the ar.