Types of Online Photo Enhancers

We all know about Photoshop, but are exposed enough to the free services available online that could easily put Photoshop back to the professionals and give a no-experience user a chance to edit their photos without having to go through a lengthy process to learn how to blend out a mark so that the photo doesn’t look edited in the first place. A quick google search for an online photo enhancer will show you so many results. But, here are a few types of online photo enhancers to get you started.


  1. One Click Uploads

These sites would only require you to upload a photo (or multiple photos at once). All you have to do next is to sit back and wait as the website begin working their magic to enhance your photos to their maximum beauty. Often after the enhancement is complete, users will then be able to further edit their photos with a given set of tools and filters according to their liking.

  1. Brush and Tools Sets

If you’ve meddled around with Adobe software before, then you’ll surely be familiar with the mechanics and the user interface of these sites. Online photo enhancer makeup such as Fotor or Lunapic lay out their tools just like Photoshop does, except the editing tools are not as complex as you would normally find. While it might take awhile to get used to what each tool does, you’ll be rewarded with more control to how you want your photos to be edited.

  1. Hire an Online Freelancer

When you just can’t be bothered to try out editing yourself or the results just don’t fancy up to your liking, there are tons of freelancers online who have technical skills in photo editing. Depending on their fees, you’ll someone who will completely understand what type edits you want.