What foods to buy and avoid when shopping for a healthier diet?

Take a look at some of the health advice that you see online, such as on health boards. A lot of them would recommend that you fix your diet if you want to lead a healthier lifestyle. And if that is your goal, then here are some foods to shop for.


Beets are one of the best sources of betaine and folic acid, the nutrients that reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It’s a healthy food that you cannot ignore when you shop, despite the aversion you may have had for them since your early childhood. If you have got any growing kids, then feeding them more beets may be good for the health for teens. This is because it can help developing bodies grow much faster.


This healthy food contains large amounts of chlorogenic acids, antioxidants that effectively protect against cancerous tumours. It may taste really sour, but it will definitely be good for your health if you consume more prunes as part of your diet.


Guava has a higher concentration of lycopene antioxidants that can reduce the risk of cancer, even more so than tomatoes and watermelons that are also considered healthy fruits and vegetables. A lot of posters on teen health boards would recommend that you eat more of this fruit if you want to treat skin issues such as dermatitis as well.


This vegetable contains lutein and other important nutrients. These are carotenoids that help repel macular degeneration, a major cause of blindness in the elderly. In addition, studies show that this green fountain of youth could reverse some signs of aging.

What foods should you avoid?

Frozen meals

There is a lot of frozen food in the supermarket that gives us a fast, delicious and healthy alternative. However, most frozen and/or refrigerated foods are usually high in sodium, fat, and other compounds that are not very good for your health.


Do not take light soft drinks because they can contain a lot of sugar. You should already know that soft drinks are full of sugar, caffeine, artificial flavors and many other health-damaging things, make us gain weight and can cause many long-term illnesses.